The Aurora Chamber @ Play/Ground

In October, I had the privilege of participating in a unique exhibition focused on installation art called Play/Ground. My installation was called “The Aurora Chamber”. It took place in a decommissioned high school, now called Mustang City, in a charming town in Western New York called Medina, just east of Buffalo. Here are some images:

One of the (many) highlights was my performance on opening night with Sophia Sobers who also did a live improvisational scoring of the installation before and after the performance. Here is an excerpt of her atmospheric sounds:

One of the goals of the Aurora Chamber was to work with light, reflection, translucency, and shadows. When it wasn’t cloudy (which it was, most of the time), a dazzling grid of rainbows could be seen coming through the windows where I had created an otherwise imperceptible installation. But the Aurora Chamber was not only designed to harness the sunlight, but also to be equally experiential at night when the shadows really came to life.

The centerpiece of the show, called The Martyr’s Tablet, was a sound and video installation that reimagined a piece called Tristia from my show In Raptures. You can view an excerpt here:

Play/Ground was presented by Resource:Art in partnership with Hallwalls and Rochester Contemporary Art Center. Anna Kaplan, Elisabeth Samuels, and Emily Tucker did an amazing job curating and producing the project.

Thanks to everyone involved, more to come soon!