Photo: Anastasia Mikhalochkina

Photo: Anastasia Mikhalochkina

Steven Pestana is a multidisciplinary artist working in new genre sculpture, installation, and mixed media. He is drawn to the shared legacies of speculative thought at the root of human ingenuity. In investigating these origins, Pestana's work draws big-picture connections among unspoken historical, social and cultural tensions at play in everyday life. He was raised in South Florida before obtaining a BA in Art History at NYU and  MFA from RISD. 

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Artist Statement

Six subtle suggestions for seeing the invisible:

1. Harness your energy (you will need it). 
2. Remain aware and ready to notice at all times. 
3. Look closely at big things, and look at little things from far away. Also, do the opposite. 
4. Explain something complex in a simple way. Again, do the opposite.
5. Seek out patterns and paradoxes. Attempt to decipher or at least describe them. The answer may lay in the attempt. 
6. Find a new language. If you cannot find one, invent one. 

In my work I contrast different types of thinking, understanding and knowing: analogical against digital, ephemeral versus concrete, and intuitive versus empirical. Each approach shapes the way we think about ourselves, others, our interactions, and our vision of human potential. 

The result leads me from one medium to the next, often requiring the invention of new techniques, vocabularies, and experiences. Throughout, images from the history of science appear alongside religious and mystical iconography, immersed in otherworldly abstraction, and interrupted with anachronistic forgotten histories. 

My goal is to create images and objects offering a glimpse — and subtle suggestion — from the other side of possibility.

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