The Botanica at Carroll & Sons (Boston) and Invisible Exports (New York)

I've been hard at work at the wonderful Santa Fe Art Institute preparing for two shows: The Botanica, taking place at two galleries (Carroll & Sons in Boston and Invisible Exports in New York City, with the first of the two opening next week in Boston), and GRIN's annual flat files exhibition, titled TEEM, opening November 20 (more info and images here).

The Botanica is a group show curated by Michael Bühler-Rose and AA Bronson. Referring to the tradition of Hispanic Botanicas, religious and magical supply shops in the Americas, the exhibition will present works that play with the ideas of artist as shaman/priest, the art object as a venerated deity, and the creation of the artwork as mystic ritual consecration.The works included will be multiples created in unlimited editions, in many cases, specifically made for The Botanica.

For this show, I will be offering a sigil-making service as well as my artist's book, Codex Novum Sensorium. Scroll down for additional exhibition information.  

Exhibition Information

At Carroll & Sons, The Botanica runs from November 5 – December 28 with a Reception on November 7. 

Carroll & Sons, 450 Harrison Ave, Boston, MA 02118

At Invisible Exports, The Botanica runs from November 30  December 21 with an Opening Reception on November 30.

Invisible Exports, 89 Eldridge St, New York, NY 10002

P.S. I was thrilled to learn that an image from Prolegomenon (2013) is included in the current issue of Art New England (Sept. - Oct. 2014). Thank you, editors!